October 14th at 10am & October 15th at 6pm

Picasso at the Lapin Agile
by Steve Martin
directed by Alan Shepard

Rehearsals will begin approximately Oct 23
Show runs November 24, - December 10, 2017

Einstein - Albert Einstein.  Scientific genius.  Passionate.  High energy.

Piccasso - Pablo Picasso.  Spanish Artist.  Passionate.  High energy.

Freddy - Bar Owner.  Introspective.  Pleasent.  Easy going.

Germaine -  Freddy's girlfriend.  Witty.  Carefree.  Crafty.

Gaston - Old Man.  Long time patron of the Lapin Agile.  Observer.  Has a quick wit and a sharp tongue.

Suzanne - Younger lady.  18 to 20s.  Picasso's lover.  Passionate.  Sophisticated.  Intelligent.  Sly.

Sagot - Art Dealer.  A born salesman.  Crafty. Intelligent. Sly.

The Visitor - A rock and roll singer.  Basically Elvis Presley.

Schmendiman - An inventor.  A Genius.  Very sure of himself.  Quick witted.  Cocky.  A Preacher of his product.

The Countess - Elegant.  Beautiful.

Female Admirer - A groupie.

Definate color blind casting.  Possible gender blind casting.