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Enter from Pacific Street. Bring your ticket!
by Anna Ziegler
directed by Jim Aina

Auditions July 29th 1pm to 5pm
& July 30th 5pm to 9pm

Show runs Oct. 6 - 22, 2017

Adam Turner: early/mid 20s, working class but self-educated, gentle, raw

Dr. Wendell Barnes: 40s-50s, warm & genial. He's passionate about his work and his ideals; he's the smartest guy in the room but tries not to show it.

Jenny Lafferty: Adam's girlfriend (early-mid 20s), Jenny is a bit toughened and wary but still hoping for wonderful things, working class.

Trudy Turner: Adam's mother (30's40s); warm and lost and hopeful, trying to make sense of a confusing world and doing her best.

Doug Turner: Adam's father (30s-40s), a man of not many words, working class and in over his head, just trying to get by.

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