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The TAG/VSA Hawai`i Summer Playwrights Discovery Festival

with plays selected from
The 2010 VSA Playwright Discovery Competition

Congratulations Samuel, Jackson, Kelley & Aliyah,
our winning playwrights!

The Plays

Invalidation (read the play)
Invalidation was selected as one of the top 5 plays out of over 200 in the National Competition.
Congratulations Sam & Jackson!

by Samuel Spengler & Jackson Shimanoff from Le Jardin Academy
Tony is the quintessential jock: he’s popular, athletic, and runs the high school. Brandon is just the opposite: anti-social, crippled in one leg,  and an image of what Tony has left behind. While before they were inseparable, Brandon and Tony have hardly spoken since Brandon’s injury.  However, when one day the two are scheduled alone in the same study hall, feelings and secrets emerge that could either rebuild or shatter what is remaining of their friendship.

Play in Progress (read the play)
by Kelley Mitchell from Maryknoll
Two writers find themselves in a pickle when the play begins and they are without a script. In a panic they grab Duke, a regular guy save for a lame hand, to become their main character. Although Duke has no idea what the two writers mean by all this “play” business, the two decide that they’ll help Duke reach his dream of becoming a gardener in order to get a story. With that idea the three of them head off to the nearest castle, but soon a case of mistaken identities, arranged marriages, a frustrated princess, a well-meaning king, and homicidal nobles put the three in a deeper mess then they started. Still, the show must go on!

Exceptional Hearing (read the play)
by Aliyah Flowe, a home-schooled student
Math whiz Kathleen goes to her local diner with plans to tutor a fellow student. Nothing is quite what it seems however, when her pupil turns out to be Blake, the school's mysterious black sheep. As the story unfolds, she is made to question her prejudgements and make new conclusions about what it means to be disabled. Felix, a blind musician, and Ginger, the waitress who flirts with him, but misreads his condition, round out the cast. In the end, who get's the lesson?

We will also be presenting
The Honu and the Hare, a Hawaiian Parable
(read the play)
written by VSA Hawaii Waianae GED Prep students
This endearing Hawaiian rendition of  Aesop's The Tortoise and the Hare is a triathlon set in Waikiki.  Honu and Hare encounter obstacles; an erupting volcano, and temptations; KauKau Korner, as they race to the finish line on Chinaman's Hat.  Honu is handicapped because he has short little legs and cannot run as fast as Hare but Hare doesn't know how to swim.  With the support of their fans; a Dog, Rooster, Mongoose, Gecko & Mynah Bird they change their relationship from opponents to friends.