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General $30
Seniors (62 & over) $25
Students & Military $20

Thu - Sat 7:30pm
Sun 2pm
January 13 - February 5, 2017

YELLOWMAN is a multi-character memory play about an African-American woman who dreams of life beyond the confines of her smalltown Southern upbringing and the light-skinned man whose fate is tragically intertwined with hers. The play explores the negative associations surrounding male blackness as well as the effect these racial stereotypes have on black women.
Six Great Shows for One Great Price! $120 ($20 per show)
Directed by Kevin Keaveney

September 2 - 25, 2016

Auditions: Sat. & Sun., June 18 & 19, 2016

It's the Presidential election season and no candidate has enough delegates for the party's nomination, so they are heading into an open convention. Secretary of State William Russell lives by his principles, but is haunted by recent events that threaten both his marriage and his career. Senator Joe Cantwell presents himself publicly as the people's candidate, but possesses a determination to win at all costs. THE BEST MAN features these two frontrunners vying for the support of the outgoing president, a boisterous old war horse who loves a good political fight.
By Eric Coble
Directed by Vanita Rae Smith
Featuring Jo Pruden

October 28 - November 20, 2016

This show has been pre-cast, there will be no auditions.

The story swirls around Alexandra, an 80-year-old artist in a showdown with her family over where she’ll spend her remaining years. In Alexandra’s corner are her wit, her volcanic passion, and the fact that she’s barricaded herself in her Brooklyn brownstone with enough Molotov cocktails to take out the block. But her children have their own secret weapon: estranged son Chris, who returns after 20 years, crawls through Alexandra’s second-floor window and becomes the family’s unlikely mediator. No sooner are the words “Hi, Mom” uttered than the emotional bombs start detonating. THE VELOCITY OF AUTUMN is a wickedly funny and wonderfully touching discovery of the fragility and ferocity of life.
March 10 - April 2, 2017

COYOTES is a simple story of the redemption of the Spirit. Eva searches for happiness and self worth. Through a series of adventures, relationships and self discovery, she finally finds her place in the world. Quirky characters and touching situations bring this intimate story to life.

May 5 - 28, 2017

2013 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
2013 Obie Award for Playwriting
2014 Tony Award Best Play nomination for Broadway production

Auditions: Sat. & Sun., February 18 & 19, 2017

This new drama explores Islamophobia and what it means to be Muslim in post-9/11 America.  Amir is a successful corporate lawyer, enjoying his American lifestyle, but his parents came from Pakistan and raised him as a Muslim.  He has “renounced” Islam, but has he really rejected the sense of identity he absorbed as a child?  Where is the line between “us” and “them”?  A fiery debate about prejudice, identity and faith, DISGRACED was nominated for the “Best Play” Tony Award in 2015, and before moving to Broadway, won the 2013 Obie Award for playwriting. 

Directed by PeggyAnne Siegmund

June 30 - July 23, 2017

2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama winner.

Auditions: Sat. & Sun., April 8 & 9, 2017

Somewhere in Philadelphia, Elliot has returned from Iraq and is struggling to find his place in the world.  Somewhere in a chat room, recovering addicts keep each other alive, hour by hour, day by day.  The boundaries of family and community are stretched across continents and cyberspace as birth families splinter and online families collide.  Everyone is searching for something they’ve lost; everyone is recovering from some form of dissonance.  WATER BY THE SPOONFUL is a warm, funny and heartfelt meditation about lives on the brink of redemption.

Also by Quiara Allegria Hudes - the script for Lin-Manuel  Miranda’s Tony Award Winning musical, IN THE HEIGHTS.

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