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TAG seeks Volunteers

TAG-The Actors’ Group is seeking theater lovers to help us stage unique, intimate, live theater at our splendid new space in Thw Shops at Dole Cannery.  Benefits include terrific people, free tickets, good vibes, and a deep sense of community service.  (In other words, we can’t pay you, but we’ll really appreciate you.)

Please check all areas of interest
"In Honolulu's theatre community, TAG is known as the go-to place for a good straight play, the kind in which dialogue isn't the white bread that surrounds juicy song-and-dance numbers."
Lavonne Leong
Honolulu Magazine
February 2009
Enter the dates you can work the  wine bar or anything else you would like to do.  Thanks and remember - anytime you work the wine bar you can watch the show at no charge but depending upon space availability.
Phone and Email:
• We are always looking for Stage Managers:  As the Stage Manager you will work under the Production Manager and closely with the director and assistant director. You will manage all that goes on during the run of the show.  You will need to be available for all tech rehearsals and the entire run of the show (as well as possible extra show extensions).
Yes, I would like to design sets        
Yes, I would like to build sets        
Yes, I LOVE to Paint!        
Yes, I would like to learn or help with lighting        
Yes, I would like to work on props
Yes, I can sew and would like to work on Costumes         
Yes, I would like to be an Assistant Director        
Yes, I would like to be a Stage Manager         
Yes, I can provide Theatre Support        
Yes, I can work the wine bar