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This is what folks are saying about TAG

"Congratulations on outstanding productions this season. We commend TAG for the vision which is evident in the choice of plays that are produced in Hawaii. You provide an alternative choice in live local theater. Mahalo." Bruce Shiramizu

"QUALITY theatre for intelligent audiences. I've seen MANY plays at TAG, including back when it was in Kakaako, and I have to say that it's my favorite because it's so intimate and they choose extremely smart plays. The theatre is actually easy to find - just pretend you are going to Dole cannery movie theaters and then walk across the street on the Ewa side. They even validate parking for that big lot. The small space means every seat is a great seat cause you can truly see and feel the actors. You won't regret it!" - Jana M.

"We love the selection and wide range of plays TAG (The Actors Group) puts on, and even more impressive than the great play choices is the incredible talent this smaller theater is able to attract. Literally some of the best acting we have seen in any city or venue has been at TAG. We found TAG from the August Wilson Pittsburgh Cycle plays they put on, and then decided to check out, and also REALLY enjoyed several other plays in the past few years.
Shows often appear to be sold out on the night of, but we are usually able to buy tickets in advance. If you have not been yet, check out TAG Hawaii's website, pick a show that interests you, and join the crowd of people that love what this group is doing!
Some other info:
Parking is validated in Dole Cannery theater.
They have a little bar and goodie sale booth before the performance and during intermission. 
The theater is intimate and welcoming and you can be close to the stage and also meet and talk with the actors after the show.
There can not be many places in the country where you can see this quality of acting at this price. It is really a hidden gem." - Sammy S.

"TAG is a scrappy little theater with some surprising and welcome selections you won't find at the bigger local venues.  Also, you can't beat Joyce's dessert selections at intermission! If you have any interest in theater, you'll be glad you checked out TAG." - Bill C.

"TAGs production of DISGRACED at the Brad Powell Theatre in Honolulu was well acted and a delightful Sunday afternoon production.  I'm letting the powerful theme resonate with me for a while. Truth be known, it was hard not to have some affinity for each character portrayed.  I am looking forward to TAGs next production soon!
Again, Bravo, well done, TAG!!!  BTW it couldn't be easier to view plays at Dole Cannery's Brad Powell Theatre - validated parking at cinema parking, ample seating, even wine & cheese for today's performance!" - Je T.

"Only to say thank you for providing quality theatre at affordable prices. You offer great choices, from funny to deep, thought provoking plays which provide a conversation venue for those Saturday dinners after the play at 7:30pm. Please keep it up!"
- Jose Gigante

"The show [Disgraced] was awesome! It was one of the best plays I have ever been to!"
- Priscilla Welch

"The content of recent plays has been most thought provoking and the acting excellent. I like the small venue."
- Jean McIntosh

"As a playwright and a theater educator, TAG is my favorite of all island theaters, hands down. I love the play selections. The scripts demonstrate a commitment to the best dramatic literature available anywhere. To end a season with "Disgraced" and "Water by the Spoonful" and to begin it with "The Best Man" in an election year showed incredible foresight and respect for the intelligence of local theater-goers. I appreciate that! I also appreciate the fine directing and acting, but the fine scripts are what draw me in."
- Robert St. John

"Hooray for Joyce (and her pastries)!!!"
- Nathan Crow

"I've got to give 5 big stars to TAG for their offerings of Edward Albee plays 'American Dream' and 'Zoo Story'.    This little theatre does big work.   In 'American Dream' the cast does excellent ensemble work.  Some of the very best I've seen since moving to O'ahu from Los Angeles about a year ago.  As a 30+ year veteran of the theatre and having seen some great productions of all sort of genre -- I have to say, that I found one of the best theatres on this island in TAG.  "Zoo Story" offered up one of the best ever portrayals and interpretations of the play and the character of Jerry -- that I've ever seen done.   In both plays, the directors were very aware of the pace and subtext in the material, and in particular in Zoo Story.  wow.   I thoroughly enjoyed an evening out at the theatre!  Each time I go, I get inspired!"  - Linda C.