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Written & Directed By: Eric Nemoto

June 22, 23, 24, 7:30 pm, Brad Powell Theatre, $15
Psychologist Dr. Joan Briggs, is in charge of evaluating whether five convicted felons are fit to rejoin society. She provides counseling to the men who are completing their sentences for crimes ranging from assault, to rape, to solicitation, to kidnapping, in an attempt to force the men to confront their abusive ways. She pulls no punches as she probes deep into the men's psyches to find a moment from their past when their innocence was taken away. Recounting the nature of their crimes, Joan turns the tables and breaks each man down to find the truth behind what they did. "Revealing The Rapist" is a story of six souls participating in the violence of revelation and the redemption that it brings.
Dr. Joan Briggs
Becky Maltby
The Inmates
James Roberts
Thomas Smith
Mark Bush
Michael Carter
Dann Seki