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Advisory - this play contains language, violence & adult themes.
16 & over - Parental discretion is advised

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A New Dark Night Offering! 

October 21, 22, 23 @ 7:30pm 
All Tickets $15​


A good girl swaps bodies with a bad girl in order to save the world!

Jackie Claxton is the hero that saves people and constantly defeats her nemesis Cadence Sorenson.
Jackie’s mentor is an angel and Cadence’s mentor is a demon. Jackie does work for the good of mankind.
Cadence does work for evil. But today, both of their lives will be swapped. Through a dangerous
assignment set up by her mentor, Jackie is given the power to swap bodies with Cadence.
Once in Cadence’s body, Jackie will have to infiltrate Cadence’s gang and be a villain.
For Cadence, she now has to do good while in Jackie’s body. For Jackie and Cadence, how long
can this last? This dark night stage play explores how one person feels to be in the other person’s shoes.
The play is also a homage to body-swapping movies like “FREAKY FRIDAY” & “FACE/OFF.”

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